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Bloom's Taxonomy update is live! Try it now ↗

Bloom's Taxonomy update is live! Try it now ↗

Generate Smarter and Complex Questions

PrepAI incorporates Bloom’s Taxonomy concepts to create questions
that require higher-order thinking.

Advanced AI solution to create higher-order
questions from any content instantly

PrepAI offers a quick and easy solution for creating questions that require the ability to think critically
and use reasoning skills. The best part is that you can use it for free.

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How does PrepAI generate such complex questions?

Bloom’s Taxonomy it is! The AI model has been trained as per the Bloom’s Taxonomy theories. Bloom’s taxonomy is a hierarchical classification method used to segregate the candidates’ learning objectives as per complexity and specificity. Simply put, it helps better evaluate the candidates’ understanding of the subject and for effective learning.

Classification of educational goals

As per Bloom’s taxonomy, there are 6 cognitive levels


Remembering or retaining information such as facts, concepts, words, etc.

Knowledge Question1
Knowledge Question
Knowledge Question3

Understanding the information and making sense of it.

Comprehension Question

Using the knowledge acquired in a new situation.

Group 47
Group 48

Exploring relationships between different components of the information.

Analysis Question

Coming up with something new using the knowledge gathered.

Synthesis Question

Making judgments and defending opinions as per the information learned.

Evaluation Question

What are the types of questions you can generate using PrepAI?

There are various types of questions that PrepAI can generate as
per the Bloom’s taxonomy models, such as:

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • True or False Questions
  • Fillups Questions
  • Descriptive Questions

Assessments, Quizzes, Tests, Exams,... PrepAI can help you create all of it instantly!