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9 Best Online HR Tools for Streamlined Success 

9 best HR Tools for Streamlined Success 
HR software automates recurring departmental tasks to streamline daily tasks and optimize resources. Different types of software applications are used by the HR teams to complete a varied range of tasks. Here, we’ll discuss the best online HR software an organization should use. 

The human resource industry is fast adopting technology and tools to streamline various tasks. From recruiting to payroll management and performance appraisal, many repetitive tasks can be automated using online tools. 

According to a report by Market Research Future (MRFR), the global HCM (Human Capital Management) software is expected to touch $28.93 billion by 2030. Statista says the HR tech market will touch $90 billion by 2025. From learning management systems (LMS) to test generators, various online tools can streamline the HR department to boost the success rate. 

Let’s find out more about online HR software and its role in different human resource departments across various industries. 

What is Online HR Software? 

Online HR software helps human resource teams to handle a range of tasks like screening candidates, recruiting, tracking employee performance, managing payroll, conducting training programs, and more. The software applications automate manual processes to save time and resources for the HR department and increase overall productivity. The tools also help HR teams comply with employment laws and regulations to minimize the risk of lawsuits. 

What are the Types of HR Tech Tools?

HR tech tools include automation, analytical, management, and data visualization applications. The software runs on cloud servers and is used through web-based apps. Several SaaS products developed exclusively for human resource management. While some are scalable, some are limited to SMBs or large enterprises. 

So which software is best for HR? There is no single HR software suitable for every organization. In fact, the HR teams use more than one application and integrate them to streamline workflow. 

Here, we will look at the types of HR software tools and proceed to discuss the best online HR tools in the market. 

  • ATS: HR recruiting software to collect, store, and process resumes and job applications. 
  • PMS: Performance management system evaluates employees’ skills and provides training suggestions based on goals and metrics. 
  • Onboarding Software: Streamlines and tracks how new employees are welcomed into the organization. 
  • HRIS: Comprehensive software that manages recruiting, payroll, employee profiling, legal compliance, etc.
  • Analytical Software: Manage employee data and derive insights to make effective decisions. 
  • Payroll Management: Helps automate employee salaries, incentives, rewards, bonuses, etc. 
  • LMS: Employee training software to provide continuous learning facilities and assess their performance. 

Best Online HR Tools 

1. PrepAI – Online Automated Test Generator 

PrepAI by DataToBiz is among the best HR software for startups, SMBs, and large enterprises. It is an AI-based test generator used for employee assessments. The software automatically creates quizzes and test papers for the given input data and allows trainers to conduct assessments through the platform. 

PrepAI saves time, money, and effort for the HR teams. It helps enterprises save over 87% of their costs spent on outsourcing the same. It is also the only assessment tool to support Bloom’s Taxonomy and offers API integration with third-party LMS and HR systems. 

Create MCQs, fill-ups, true or false, and short descriptive questions using PrepAI. Select the type and number of questions to create a quiz or test anytime you want. Trainers can edit the questions and conduct tests online or offline. Get rid of human bias when assessing employees. PrepAI is a free test maker with paid pricing options for business use. 

2. HirelakeAI – Resume Parser and Hiring Software 

HirelakeAI is a turnkey hiring solution developed by DataToBiz to help HR teams extract and match resume data with job descriptions. The AI-based tool is one of the best HR software examples to accelerate recruitment and hire candidates best suited for the job. From shortlisting candidates with JD matching to candidate engagement, everything can be handled through the same interface.  

HirelakeAI extracts data from resumes and creates accurate tables to list candidates’ attributes under the right heads. It processes resumes in bulk and completes the task in a few minutes. It is the best online HR system for small businesses, recruitment agencies, and technology MNCs. 

The platform can also be integrated with existing HRMS (Zoho, BambooHR, etc.) and third-party sites like Naukri, Monster, Indeed, etc., to collect and process candidates’ information in bulk. HirelakeAI assesses the candidates on three major factors- personality traits, technical skills, and communication skills. It is available for free and paid subscriptions. 

3. – Employee and Task Management Software is among the best HR systems for large companies and provides an array of features for employee onboarding, applicant tracking, self-servicing, 360-degree feedback, employee scheduling, integration with payroll software, etc. It provides attractive data visualizations to understand employee data and help HR teams make effective decisions. 

The platform has pre-designed templates to create and share employee reports, project updates, team iterations, and more. It can be integrated with third-party applications and email systems like Gmail to automate communication across the enterprise. is not limited to the HR department. It offers software products like work management, CRM, and product development. Teams from marketing, sales, IT, and operations departments can also use the platform to streamline their projects and increase performance. has a detailed price plan and offers annual and monthly subscriptions. 

4. BambooHR – Complete HR Software 

BambooHR is popular software developed to manage various tasks handled by human resource teams. It is used by SMBs and large enterprises to streamline, employee onboarding, payroll, benefit administration, employee performance, etc., from a single interface. The platform also offers pre-built integrations to enhance its performance and help HR teams automate their tasks. 

BambooHR provides data analytics by processing employee records. HR managers can use the dashboard to track employee progress and decide the next course of action (train, promote, demote, fire, etc.). It is also available as a mobile app and can be used on the go. HR teams can collaborate through the platform and stay up to date about each employee’s performance. 

The platform also manages salaries, benefits, and rewards by automating manual processes. No more worrying about double entries, missed entries, or mismatches in employee data. Every employee’s working hours, vacation time, payslip, and other information can be accessed through the dashboard. BambbooHR has two price plans with custom solutions. 

5. Factorial – All-in-one HR Software 

Factorial is among the best HR and payroll software applications used by several enterprises. It can help the HR department save up to 30 hours a month spent on administrative tasks. The platform helps manage documents, digital signatures, payroll, expenses, reports, and employee analytics from a single interface. 

It helps HR teams track employees’ working hours, the time spent on a project, and time off, and manage shifts so that there’s no overlap or confusion about when an employee has to be at work and where they can take time off. The platform also deals with recruitment and onboarding, performance and talent management, and third-party integrations. 

Factorial automates recurring tasks to complete in a quick time. It creates employee portals and generates organizational charts to track employees at different levels. The platform has a permission system to provide restricted access to data. It generates HR reports and analytics in real-time. Factorial offers paid plans and bundles where businesses can choose plans accordingly. 

6. Gusto – HR Software for SMBs 

Gusto is an HR software offering hiring tools, employee benefits administration, and payroll management for small and mid-sized businesses. The platform manages all types of teams (in-house and remote) and provides all the necessary features in a single place. It offers full-service payroll solutions like managing employee working hours, tax cuts, credits, etc. 

The platform provides insights about employee feedback, compensation management, project costing, and more. It can save 5 hours spent on payroll processing every month. Manage employee benefits and compliance, streamline hiring by tracking job applicants and generating offer letters using templates, and provide the necessary training to employees based on their performance. 

Gusto also has a self-servicing portal where HR teams can effectively manage and automate repetitive tasks and access insights through the dashboard. Though the platform doesn’t have 360-degree feedback, it can collect data from employee surveys and analyze the inputs to generate HR reports. The platform has four paid plans and comes with flexible features. 

7. QuickBooks – Employee Time and Payroll Management

QuickBooks is an efficient HR software for payroll management. It helps employees track the time they spent on a project. The platform works in real time and can be accessed through smartphones and tablets. It is useful when employees work remotely or travel on work-based projects and need to calculate the time spent on the job. 

The platform is a great choice for startups and new businesses to streamline employee and contractor payments, working hours, etc. It also allows companies to accept payments from clients and track expenses and profits from the intuitive interface. Furthermore, it helps manage and calculate tax payments to avoid last-minute paperwork and issues with IRS. 

QuickBooks can be used by SMBs and growing businesses from different industries like manufacturing, retail, hospitality, construction, legal, nonprofit, etc. The platform is compatible with some third-party apps and offers cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping services. It has four paid plans and offers free onboarding (guided setup) services. 

8. Workday – Human Capital Management Software 

Workday offers enterprise cloud management solutions for HR, finance, and other departments. The HR software deals with human capital management and is trusted by some leading global brands. It is embedded with Workday Skills Cloud, which uses machine language algorithms to align talent with job opportunities and ensure that the right candidate is assigned the right job to increase overall performance. 

The software helps HR teams gather employee feedback to understand their requirements and enhance employee satisfaction with the business. It also provides augmented analytics by processing various datasets. The HR department can have greater control over the talent in the organization and take the necessary steps to motivate them. 

Workday HCM software automates recurring HR tasks and offers flexible features to manage employee engagement, compensation, benefits administration, and much more. From uncovering talent gaps to identifying the necessary training methodologies and streamlining the workforce, the software helps effectively manage the human capital in an enterprise. Workday pricing is not mentioned on the company’s website. 

9. ADP Workforce Now – HR Work Optimization  

ADP’s online HR software helps manage employees and compliance issues without hassle. It minimizes the risk of violating employee laws and regulations and streamlines workflow to optimize the use of resources. The software has been developed to provide easy solutions to complex HR issues. 

The software allows HR teams to create employee handbooks in quick time. The vast library of policies and suggestions offered by the tool simplifies the process of customizing the handbook so that employees can follow the rules and guidelines by referring to it. It also allows integrations with other HR services and payroll tools offered by the company.

The online HR software can work seamlessly with tools such as talent management, payroll, retirement, benefits administration, compliance, time & attendance, etc. The web-based software lets the HR department effectively handle recordkeeping and the help desk. It also offers self-servicing features for employees and managers. The software is suitable for SMBs. Contact ADP for pricing information. 


The human resource teams have similar responsibilities irrespective of the industry and niche. However, the business size, vision, and goals determine how the HR teams operate. While there is no definite best free HR software for every enterprise, the above list should help get an idea about how technology is useful to streamline success. 

For example, an AI-based test maker online is great for assessments, and a resume parser saves time spent manually collecting data from resumes based on the job requirements. Take time to consider the existing technology and future plan for the business before investing in online HR software. The right tech tools can save resources and increase employee satisfaction.