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6 Best Tools To Create Interactive Quizzes Instantly

Best Tools To Create Interactive Quizzes

Have you ever started an online course and found yourself losing interest quickly? Ever wondered why it happened? Why did all of a sudden your favorite topics become boring? Was it because your preferences changed or was it because the course lacked interaction? We bet it’s the former. With the attention span getting shorter, people are finding it hard to focus for a long period of time. To help them maintain interest, they need interactivity. That’s where quizzes come into the scene. Interactive quizzes always help everyone in information capturing, engagement, and participation.

It’s becoming more and more common for every sector to use quizzes in their field, thanks to the broader adoption of technologies such as question and answer generator tools. You can engage your audience with interactive quizzes that keep them engaged. They’re also a pretty powerful tool for conveying information and educating people about something new. In this guide, we will explore how interactive quizzes can take engagement to next level and offer free tools to develop these quizzes

The Purpose Behind Creating an Interactive Quiz?

Here are some of the noteworthy benefits of interactive quizzes, along with reasons why they are so popular!

Increase in Engagement

A recent study showed that students who solve quizzes in class more often found that quizzes are simple to use. It increases their interest and helps them focus in class. Besides, the teacher who conducted the quiz more often during the entire semester found growth in the student’s final exam scores.

This study concluded that quizzes have shown a positive effect on students’ learning ability.

On the other hand, in the corporate sector, increasing the customer engagement rate is a primary goal. Interacting with customers through quizzes can help you achieve this goal. Taking interactive quizzes facilitates interaction and engagement due to the name itself.

You can offer an interactive quiz to your customer. And based on their interaction and choice of provided options, you can determine the outcome. People can interact with quizzes in a way that’s different from passive content. 

Another scenario where an organization can use interactive quizzes is when you want to keep your employees updated with new policies. 

For instance, as an HR, you have to keep your company employees updated with new policies. How can you know if your fellow employee has understood the policy or not? To get an answer to this, you can create an interactive quiz regarding your policy and examine your employee.

Boost in Traffic

When you add quizzes to your marketing mix, you will notice a boost in engagement. Due to their viral nature, quizzes can certainly drive a certain amount of traffic. Your brand’s channels will receive an increase in traffic after you add like, share and retweet buttons to your interactive quiz.

You can also use interactive quizzes to help your customers discover more about your products and services. You will be able to increase the number of visitors to your website and your social media channels by doing this.

For example, viral websites like Buzzfeed or Mashable use quizzes to extend their user engagement.

Higher Conversion

It has also been statistically proven that interactive content generates two times more engagement than passive content. 

Brands do not want their customers to be bored with endless static content. Why? Because they perform user interaction and two-way communication with the audience.

Content Marketing Institute conducted a survey that 87% of marketers agree on one thing i.e. Interactive content like quizzes helps grab user attention in a more effective way than static content.

Not only are quizzes engaging but also shareable. As a result, quizzes are more likely to go viral over social media. In fact,  it ranks among the most shared content on the internet year after year.

BuzzFeed, for instance, here is a great example of quizzes generating a series of benefits. Study shows that BuzzFeed can get millions of shares from Facebook by using interactive quizzes.

Types of Interactive Quizzes

1. Personality Quizzes

The majority of personality quizzes ask questions about choices and preferences. Depending on your answers, they present you with a persona. It is an excellent way to generate leads for your business and increase traffic to your website.

Students will get benefit from this type of test as it provides insight into their strengths and weaknesses. It also helps them discover their true self.  Even though all personality tests show different results, knowing that they can be strong on a particular skill gives them a boost in confidence. 

A personality quiz can be used for different purposes and come in various forms, so it is among the most common quiz types. For example:

  • Include a personality quiz on your website or blog to better understand your audience.
  • Create leads with a highly engaging personality test that integrates a lead form.
  • It will help students to maximize their potential.
  • Develop learning strategies for students.
  • Help students appreciate other personality types.

You can tailor a personality test to suit your needs. Do not be afraid to experiment with several different personality quizzes and track results to determine which one resonates best with your audience.

2. Educational Quizzes

Quizzes are one of the most common tools for getting famous in online education. It is helping students with focus, build confidence and gather information.

Most of the time, reading from textbooks fails to grab our attention. The mind wanders and we are lost in our own thinking. But, when students solve a quiz they have to concentrate on what they are doing. 

As quizzes help to remember most of the things students learn, this becomes the firm foundation for the next step of learning.

For example, if the math instructor creates and conducts multiplication quizzes for the student throughout the semester. This will help students to solve advanced math like algebra. 

3. Sales Qualifying Quizzes

Every marketer or salesperson knows quality is more important than the quantity of generated leads. It doesn’t matter how many leads your new quiz is generating. They are not important as they get qualified into prospects in the first place.

Sales qualifying is a process of deciding whether that lead has the potential to be your next prospect. Qualifying to lead at a basic level starts with a few common questions. For example, if you are a salesperson who works in insurance, you can create a small interactive quiz to ask questions like customer’s age, and employment status.

So here, your sales qualifying quiz will contain questions like “What is your age?” or “How many members do your family have?”

Best Tools To Create Interactive Quizzes 

Collecting all the data you need to make an interactive quiz can be a time-consuming process. That is why we have pulled together this list of the best tools available to help you start making your quiz today.

1. PrepAI 

With PrepAI, teachers can create automated test papers in seconds using artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

You can upload the content in various forms like text, PDF/DOCX, Video, URL, or simply by topic name. PrepAI uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to read the input and generate the questions automatically. 

PrepAI saves content leaders and exam administrators time by generating online and offline test papers. It also helps in reducing human error as all the processes are automatic.

Students achieve consistent results thanks to AI-based programs that allow realistic assessment practice. Through this initiative, schools, ed-tech businesses, and educational institutions aim to improve student learning.

2. GetFeedback

GetFeedback lets you create engaging surveys for your audience. This app allows you to create and send professionally designed surveys that assist in lead generation and transform potential customers from sheer awareness of your product to active purchases. 

Become a quiz maker with GetFeedback, an application designed specifically for large businesses that are keen on taking full advantage of their customer’s data. This application is Salesforce CRM-compatible. 

3. Kahoot!

Cloud-based quiz platform Kahoot! allows you to build quizzes from scratch, offers students bespoke learning options, and allows teachers to create quizzes from scratch.

It is common for students to mention that they appreciate instructors who engage them in active learning strategies. 

Large lecture classes, however, can make it challenging to gauge whether or not students are comprehending the material and learning it. 

The perfect way for all students to learn and comprehend information is to use Kahoot!!.

4. Google Forms

Google Forms cannot be ignored if you are searching for an online quiz maker. Google Forms, a free online tool, allows you to create self-grading quizzes.

It has several features, including multiple types of questions, conditional questioning, design options, and more. Google Forms remains a great option no matter what you’re building.

Despite having a simple interface, it remains a popular quiz maker and survey platform. The platform can aid you in creating surveys and questionnaires. Since Google Sheets is part of the Google G Suite, it is possible to extract and analyze data from Google forms.

5. FormCrafts

While FormCrafts is not listed among the top quiz websites, it’s a great tool for creating questionnaires, newsletters, etc., for websites. 

The tool mainly enables you to build forms, but you can also create questionnaires and quizzes using its multi-page features. You can build responsive forms online without coding using this tool.

This tool enables quiz creators to create quizzes easily, thanks to features such as real-time analytics and conditional logic.

You can build anything from a simple contact form to complex, condition-based, dynamic forms with the configuration options provided. FormCrafts supports every type of form, from simple survey forms to complex dynamic forms.

6. Hubspot Forms

It’s easy to use Hubspot forms even though they have some advanced features. Their intelligent design converts unidentified visitors into leads.  

Despite being one of the more advanced form builders on the market, HubSpot’s form builder does not require any technical expertise to use. 

The drag-and-drop form builder allows you to easily create forms by adding fields, fields, submissions, and custom forms to your contact database.

With the platform, you can send reminders to your contacts via text, phone, or email to build strong relationships. 


In this article, you have learned what interactive quizzes are. The purpose behind creating quizzes. How do they affect your business with engagement and traffic? How they help instructors to increase students’ learning ability with different types of quizzes. 

In the end, a list of the best tools to create interactive quizzes. These listed tools are free for you to use, so you don’t have to worry about restrictions.