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How to Create an Organizational Culture Quiz in 5 Easy Steps

Organizational Culture Quiz

A well-defined and effective culture can lead your organization toward success. And an ill-defined one can lead to doomsday. But how can you determine whether the organizational culture at your company is effective and on the right path?

Well, one of the best ways to determine whether your organizational culture is impactful and worthy, is by creating a quiz (sort of MCQ paper) for all the employees working in the organization. The response to your quiz will help you understand how well the employees know about the culture if they know at all.

How can you create a quiz on organizational culture? This is where PrepAI comes to your rescue: an AI and ML-based smart question generation tool. Using this tool, you can generate a quiz based on your unique organizational culture, test your employees and the effectiveness of your organizational culture and act accordingly.

Here are 5 easy steps that you can follow to create a personalized organizational culture quiz using PrepAI. And by the end, you’ll be ready to test your employees and the impact of your organizational culture.

Create An Organizational Culture Quiz Using PrepAI in 5 Easy Steps

1. Sign Up: It’s Free forever!

Visit PrepAI and click on the “Try It For Free” in the top right corner. This link will take you to the next screen, where you’ll have to enter your basic details. Here’s a screenshot for better understanding:

Sign up on PrepAI

Once you have entered the basic details, click on register. You’ll get a verification code on your registered email. Just enter the code, and you’re done. A few seconds after you enter the code, you’ll see the dashboard screen wherein you can start generating your organizational culture quiz.

2. Enter the Data

Now that you have signed up without paying anything (not even a  credit card is required here), it’s time for the main task: generating the quiz.

Start by entering the title for the question paper (look at the below image for a better understanding). You can give any title but for example, let’s name our quiz “Organizational Culture.” Just underneath the title option, you’ll get to select the content source. Let the source be “Topic Search” for this example.

When you select the default option (Topic Search), you can search for whatever you want in the search box. Look at the screenshot below where we’ve searched for Organizational Culture. Do the same, and then select the topic.

Enter the data on the PrepAI dashboard

When you select the topic, the content will appear in the box beneath that (check out the next image). You can go through the content and add more or edit it accordingly. Or, if you have a separate document prepared in PDF/Docx format or in plain text format, you can easily switch the content source to PDF or paste the text respectively.

Please Note. PrepAI generates questions based on what data/content you feed. So, if you think that your content source is unique, it’s better to upload it in the form of a PDF or paste the text. You can also drop a video into the content source or paste a YouTube video link, but that feature comes with the paid membership.

Content input done on PrepAI dashboard

3. Generate the Questions

Let’s suppose you’re okay with the content. Now, click on the “Generate Questions” button and wait for a few seconds. After a few seconds, you’ll see an extensive list of questions, just like in the below screenshot.

Generate the questions on PrepAI

The generated questions contain several MCQs in easy, medium, and hard categories. Also, there are different types of questions to choose from, such as:

  • Descriptive
  • Fillups
  • True/False

You can simply click on the type of question to reveal the questions and their corresponding answer. What’s more, you can rate or even edit the question as you like. All in all, there are a lot of customizations available, even in the free version. 

4. Add Your Own Questions

If you want to add some of your own questions, you can also do that. Just click on the “Add Question” button right below the categories of questions. Once you do, you’ll be taken to the bottom of the page, where you can add the question of your choice.

Add your own questions if you want on the PrepAI dashboard

Simply add the question title, list down the possible answers, and mark the correct one. Also, adding new questions isn’t limited to MCQs. You can also add fill-ups, true-false, or even descriptive as per the requirements. 

5. Preview & Download 

Now that you have finally generated the quiz, it’s time to preview and download it. To preview the quiz questions, you need to click on the “Preview Question Paper Button” that you’ll find on the top, just above the 1st question. 

Here’s what the preview will look like:

Preview and download the question paper on PrepAI

If you’re satisfied with the questions, you can simply click on download and select the download format from PDF, DOC, or EXCEL, and you’re done. The quiz will be downloaded instantly, and you can now use it to test your organizational culture and your employees’ understanding of the same.

So, this is how you can easily create a quiz on organizational culture in 5 simple steps.

Why only Choose PrepAI for Generating Quizzes?

While you can easily find pre-generated quizzes on any topic you want, they’re all generic. And for a topic as serious as organizational culture, you need something unique and personalized. After all, no two organizations have the same culture, right? This is where PrepAI comes into the picture.

PrepAI is Customisable

PrepAI allows you to enter whatever content you find relevant and use it as a source for generating personalized quizzes around that topic. This way, you can test your employees based on whatever topic you want, let alone organizational culture.

PrepAI is Free

The best part about PrepAI is that you can try and access most features for free. Only using video as a content source is what you can enjoy in the premium version.

PrepAI is Easy to Use

You just have to follow 5 easy steps to create an intuitive, smart, and high-quality quiz or assessment. That’s how easy it is to use PrepAI. Now, how can you beat that?

What Else Can You Use PrepAI for?

Let’s suppose you’ve introduced a new policy or any other compliance document that you want all your employees to be aware of. Using PrepAI, you can upload that document (containing your policies) and prepare an assessment test to check how well your employees’ have read the document.

Also, if you’re a teacher, you can instantly create unbiased exam or assessment papers for your students and save time. Here are some other use cases of PrepAI for you to explore:

EdTech Companies

If you’re an ed-tech company, you no longer need to outsource the assessment creation jobs. Just follow some easy steps and create amazing assessments in-house using PrepAI.

Network of Schools and Colleges

Managing and maintaining a consistent assessment format across all schools and colleges is hard. However, you can easily do that with PrepAI. You can create question papers or assessments that are of a set quality and distribute the same across all colleges and schools. This way, you can ensure a consistent assessment format and monitor student performance more effectively.


If you regularly publish blogs, you must be adding some FAQs in the end. But are those questions and answers actually helping the readers? Probably not.  Well, PrepAI can help. Using PrepAI, you can create genuine questions and answers that the readers might be confused about. This way you can genuinely help your readers and improve engagement on your blog.

Textbook Publishers

Being a textbook publisher isn’t easy. The syllabus changes every few months, and so do the questions and answers. And managing this manually is tough and time-consuming. But with PrepAI, you can automate this process and save yourself a whole lot of time.

MOOCs Creators

Every online course requires assessment, right? And as the content is updated, the questions need to be updated too which can be time-consuming. However, you can make your job easy with PrepAI by just feeding the new information and inserting new questions with a click.


The better the organizational culture, the happier the employees and smoother the operation in an organization. However, without putting your organizational culture to test, you can’t find its effectiveness.
So, put your organizational culture to test by creating an unbiased, unique, and personalized quiz for your employees using PrepAI. Test the effectiveness of your organizational culture and your employees’ understanding of the same and make improvements if required.