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How to Create Quizzes for Corporate Training: All You Need to Know

Create Quizzes for Corporate Training

Corporate training has captured a huge market share of $332 billion and is projected to grow to a staggering $487 billion by 2030. Though it looks fascinating as numbers, one concern that has always bothered the trainers’ and evaluators’ good night’s sleep for long, is how to make employee training more effective while enhancing the experience of learning! 

For instance, we all have gone through corporate training in some way or the other, but how many times we have heard about the training being very effective or addressing the right concerns the employees have in mind! The entire objective of the corporate training ecosystem is to interact, train and assess employees in the best manner possible. 

How an Effective Quiz Program Can Be Created?

There is no set thumb rule for creating an effective quiz program but if certain steps are followed then definitely, an apt quiz program can be formulated. A step by step walkthrough would look like this:

Define the Quiz Type

Even before starting to create a quiz, we need to know why is it being created in the first place and what purpose is it going to solve. The goals and agenda should be laid out crystal clear for defining the type of assignment. 

It can be segregated into two types: 

  • Reinforcement Quizzes – In this quiz, learning is the main agenda. There is no specific time limit and no penalties for incorrect answers. It is more of a specific review of the training materials at regular intervals. For every correct or incorrect answer, it provides a concise explanation of the chosen answer. 
  • Assessment Quizzes – In this quiz, we assess the learners’ capability and knowledge acquisition. There is a time-bound factor involved along with penalties for incorrect answers. As this is purely for evaluation purposes, no explanation is given with the answers. 

Choose the Type of Quiz Questions

The success of the quiz entirely depends on what type of questions are being asked and how are they formulated. Only MCQs or only descriptive questions might not bear the expected fruit but a healthy mix and match of questions can be the key to a successful and holistic evaluation of the learners’ capabilities. 

The different types of questions that can be asked are:

  • Yes/No and True/False questions where users can choose one option between the two. 
  • Multiple Choice questions where learners can choose the best and most relevant options from the options provided. 
  • Drag and drop questions where the right option should be dragged and put together to finish a puzzle. 
  • Hotspot questions where the learner needs to identify the right spot to mark. 
  • Descriptive questions where the learners need to give a detailed explanation for their answer. 
  • Essays to evaluate the learners’ thought flow and clarity of expression. 

For a quiz to be apt and fair, the human bias element should be removed and the 30/40/30 model can be followed to have a healthy mixture of questions from all domains. This can be as follows: 

  • 30% of questions can be taken as MCQ level questions
  • 40% of questions can be taken as descriptive/long questions
  • 30% can be activity/case study based questions

Formulate the Good Questions

The efficacy of the entire quiz depends on what type of questions are chosen and whether it stimulates and challenges the grey cells of learners or not. First and foremost the questions must be from the areas covered in the training sessions. It also needs to be relevant and challenging enough so the learners feel engaged with the content. In case the wording is confusing or questions are verbose, then learners would dissociate themselves from taking the test which would fail the entire effort. A few tips that might be useful in this case are:

  • Keep the questions simple.
  • Avoid using negative words in the questions which might create confusion amongst students.
  • Not to use imprecise descriptors such as ‘any’, ‘at least’, ‘approximately’ as these don’t provide a definitive picture. 
  • Starting with open-ended questions. 
  • Not giving too many hints to allow students to deduce answers to questions. 

Work Out Answer Options

In this step, we need to decide what type of answer options we would like to go for. What type of distractors can be used and what options should be given to the learners in the quiz. We need to make sure that apart from the right answers, other answers are incorrect.

Decide on Quiz Properties

Once the questions are formulated and the answer options have been worked out, the next step remains to decide what goals we are trying to achieve from the quiz. On that basis, the properties of the quiz would be decided such as –  

  • How the quiz scoring mechanism would work?
  • What would be set as the passing threshold?
  • How many attempts can be allowed?
  • How much time limit would be set?

Add Apt Evaluation

Having a fair and unbiased evaluation is the key to a successful evaluation. No matter how other steps go by, if this step gets messed up, the entire structure would fail to achieve the desired goal. An appropriate and unbiased evaluation will not only acknowledge the learners’ effort but will also boost morale for them. 

Preparation for quizzes is not an easy task. It might take hours or even days to come up with effective questions. Even so, there is always a fear of human bias that might dilute the entire ecosystem. In such cases, having an intelligent tool or AI-driven platform such as PrepAI can be of great help. From question generation to right question selection, everything can be done in a few minutes compared to hours. A healthy mix-up of questions and complete elimination of human bias and error is the key to the efficacy of a successful quiz. 

How to Create Quizzes for Corporate Training Easily Using PrepAI?

1. Start with a Free Forever Account Sign-up

You can initiate your journey with the free sign-up (no credit card is required). It will ask for all your relevant details such as name, company name, contact number, etc. Once you provide the OTP, you can start instantly.

2. Enter the Required Information

Once you logged in, you would be taken immediately to the dashboard where you need to enter the data. You will be asked about the content source from which you can upload the necessary information – 

  • Topic Search
  • Type or paste text
  • Video
  • Upload PDF/Docx

3. Generate Questions

Generate the questions once you have uploaded the data. Within a few seconds, the entire set of questions would be generated. The questions are carefully curated and segregated into 3 types – 

  • Easy 
  • Medium
  • Hard

The questions comprise multiple types such as MCQs, Descriptive, True/False and Fill ups. You can do the mix and match that is effective for your corporate training program. 

4. Add Your Own Questions

If you’d like to add your own flavor by adding your own set of questions, you have that option as well. At the bottom of the page, you’d have the option to add questions. 

5. Preview Your Question Paper

Once you’re done – it’s the final step you are about to go for. You need to review the question paper and see whether everything is in the place as per your plan or not. Once you’re satisfied, you can complete your preview and download the question paper. Now, you’re good to go for a full-fledged corporate quiz. 

Which Is the Most Effective Tool for Generating Quizzes?

PrepAI is a solution-oriented and user-oriented platform. This enables the evaluators to create a bunch of questions with different formats in a few minutes. It does provide the unique benefits:

  • Saves 87% of the total cost invested for question generation
  • Achieves 12X speed for publishing the final set of papers set
  • Reduces the manual effort by 79% on questions generation
  • Eliminates the complete trace of human bias
  • Makes editing simplistic

Wrapping Up

It has always been a matter of constant headache for educators and corporate trainers regarding how to use quizzes for effective online training and make employee training more effective. With the growing complexities and stiff time limit, it has become more crucial than ever before to look for an alternative solution and come up with an interactive and holistic learning program to hook the learners for real-time. Though it seems to become a grave concern, the ray of hope can be the new technology-powered platforms like PrepAI coming into the arena and making the job easy for them. Only the future will tell, how effectively this can be carried out.