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Top 15 Online Resources for Teachers (Compiled)

Online Resources for Teachers
Online educational resources are useful and effective in helping teachers save time and energy planning their lessons and creating engaging classroom sessions. We’ll look at the 15 leading online resources for education professionals in this blog. 

Teachers have a tough time managing their teaching and non-teaching activities. It takes countless hours to prepare for a class, get the notes ready, find ways to make the lesson interesting, plan surprise tests, design question papers, and correct the sheets. It doesn’t end here either. Teachers need to track the individual student’s performance and maintain a record for parent-teacher meetings. 

Phew! It’s a stressful occupation, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be nice if teachers had access to tools and resources that made things easier for them? Whether it is an AI question generator or an online quiz to encourage students’ participation, online resources for teachers can help streamline the learning experience.

We have assembled a list of free and paid best online resources for teachers from around the world. Let’s look at each tool and understand how it helps teachers in today’s educational scenario. 

What resources do new teachers need? Let’s take a look. 

Top 15 Online Resources for Teachers


PrepAI is an AI/ ML question generator for teachers developed by DataToBiz. The platform helps teachers to create automated test papers in a few minutes. You just have to upload the content through text, PDF/DOCX file, Video file or URL, or just by Topic name. PrepAI uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to read the input and automatically create a list of questions. 

​​Editing the question paper (add and delete questions)

  • Selecting the type of questions (MCQs, Fill-ups, Descriptive, etc.)
  • Choosing the difficulty levels (Easy, Medium, Hard)
  • Saving the test paper 
  • Exporting the saved file (through various output methods)

PrepAI has a Free and a Premium plan to suit the requirements of education professionals. 

How PrepAI works
How PrepAI works


Quizizz is one of the free online resources for teachers to create and use ‘learning games’. The platform already has unlimited games and fun activities for almost every topic. Teachers can divide their students into different teams and share the links to the game. The questions and answers show up on the same screen so that it’s convenient for the students to learn and play. Qizizz has users from almost 150 countries around the world. It has a free version and paid subscriptions for teachers and institutions. 


Quill is a free writing tool that assists teachers in increasing English grammar proficiency in students. The platform can be used to improve grammar for students from elementary, middle, and high schools. The Quill Lessons feature helps teachers create a lesson plan, share prompts, and follow up on each student’s writing activity. The Quill Diagnostic feature assesses the sentences and creates personalized learning programs based on their performance. The tool can be easily set up using Google Classroom. Schools can sign up for the paid version to access all the features of the platform. is a resource center created by the teachers of K-12 in the US. This online educational resource for teachers offers free lesson plans, teacher degree guides, teacher blogs, and discounts for teachers. It is a comprehensive platform where teachers can find everything they need to provide valuable education to their students. There is a range of free tools available to help teachers increase student engagement and improve the standard of education. also has scholarship programs for teachers who wish to continue their education on the side. 


JumpStart is a free online resource for elementary school teachers. Though it has readymade worksheets for all grades, the primary focus is on the little ones. The platform offers an array of tools such as audio-visual teaching tools, learning games, fun activities, worksheets, lesson plans, and more for teachers to keep little kids interested in learning new subjects and topics. JumpStart covers math, science, social, and all other subjects. The activities are categorized based on age groups, subjects, and topics. 


Educreations allows teachers to teach from practically anywhere. By simply clicking a button, teachers can record and share videos. The recorded videos are saved on the cloud so that they can be replayed multiple times in the classroom. The interface is extremely simple and easy to use with special attention to detail. Educreations helps teachers build digital classrooms and get more time for one-to-one interactions with the students. Teachers can get the students to record their work and provide feedback. The platform offers a free basic plan and has paid subscriptions for schools. 

National Science Teachers Association

NSTA is an online teacher resource for the science stream. All science-related topics are covered in the books, journals, magazines, and articles shared by the platform. The website has lesson plans to help teachers create interesting sessions for students. It also aids in curriculum planning. The topics are categorized based on the age groups- elementary, middle school, high school, and postsecondary. NSTA currently has around 40,000 teachers, educators, science professionals, etc., who want to take science education to new heights. Teachers can find free and paid resources on the platform. 

Learn How to use Online Education Resources and Save Money and Time

Discovery Education

Discovery Education provides free online resources for teachers to create interactive lessons and share real-life examples with students for better understanding. Discovery Education calls itself a daily learning platform with content and tools to help teachers and students. STEM subjects and social studies are covered in-depth while ensuring that students find learning a fun activity. Myth Buster is a favorite program among students. Discovery Education allows teachers to track the students’ progress in real-time. Teachers can download the curriculum packs to plan their lessons easily. 


Scholastic is dedicated to providing free teacher resources online. From planning calendars to Common Core Standards and lesson plans, the website is a treasure trove of tools and resources. It also provides teachers with tips for classroom management and assessments. There is a special Teacher Store on the website with great discounts for teachers on various teaching tools. The workbooks and student activities are available for free and at a price. You can find Book Clubs, Book Fairs, Classroom Magazines, and many other resources on the Scholastic website. 

Education World

Education World is available as a website and an app. It has been designed and developed for teachers and administrators to make their job easier. The platform has several free resources such as teaching tools, lesson plans, templates, learning games, holiday lessons, five-minute lessons, and much more. Education World also provides reviews of other educational tools to help teachers decide which one is more suitable for their requirements. Teachers can also access student games for science, math, and reading to make the subjects more interesting for students. 


BetterLesson is an online resource for teachers from elementary to high school. Be it lesson plans or instructional strategies for core subjects, BetterLesson has a vast database of resources to offer to teachers. Leadership development modules help teachers empower their students beyond textbook learning. Classroom learning, student engagement, and other such aspects are given priority. BL Connect is a self-learning platform for teachers and educators to create and implement curricula and find ways to create inclusive classrooms. BetterLesson aims to help teachers create student-centered learning programs. 


ReadWriteThink is a huge collection of online resources for teachers. The platform helps teachers organize and plan their lessons perfectly to make sure students enjoy the classes and understand the topics. The lesson plans on the website are neatly classified based on the themes, learning objectives, and grade levels. ReadWriteThink caters to teachers from elementary to high school and has 500+ resources in literature and fiction. Almost all subjects and topics, ranging from Venn diagrams to history to biology are covered in the resources offered on the website. 


Albert is a practice and assessment platform for middle grade and high school teachers. It offers a plethora of online resources and tools to help teachers strengthen their teaching methods and find new ways of student assessment. Subjects like Maths, Science, ELA, Social, etc., are covered in the resources. Albert has different price plans based on the requirements of the educators/ school administrators. The platform also offers AP®, SAT®, and ACT® modules for teachers. 


Edpuzzle is a video-based online platform where teachers can upload their lesson videos or choose content from YouTube. It enables teachers to create quizzes and assessments based on the video lessons. Students need to answer the tests after watching the videos. Edpuzzle provides immediate feedback for teachers to share with students and discuss the weak areas. The platform is most suitable for remote learning or online teaching. The content is focused on classes from 6 to 12. Teachers can track if the students have watched the videos and the number of times a student has replayed a video. 


GoNoodle is a wonderful website for K-8 teachers. It has a range of videos and other content that help create mini-lessons for students. The videos are content-driven and highlight the importance of physical activity in children. It’s a great combination of learning and fun. GoNoodle is also available as an app for Android, iOS, Roku, and Amazon Appstore. 


Online resources for teachers effectively save time and energy by relying on the latest EdTech tools. Teachers who are trained and comfortable using technology in education will create a holistic learning environment for students from all sections of society. Educational institutions should be proactive in looking up more resources and empowering teachers. After all, teachers are vital to building a confident society. 

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