How a Leading Indian University Maximized Learning Potential
with PrepAI


A leading university based in India offering a wide range of academic programs across multiple disciplines to its diverse student body.

Problem Statement

With a diversified student body enrolled in multiple programs, our client was facing multiple challenges in generating a huge number of question papers.


It was taking a lot of time for the professors to produce quality questions for each exam, leaving them with fewer hours to teach or engage with the students.

Quality and Variety

With professors using the same question banks and resources over several years, the examinations lacked quality, variety, and academic value.

Outcome-based education

The university was looking for innovative ways to adopt outcome-based learning methods for their students but was not able to implement the same with the existing examination processes.


To address these challenges, the University adopted PrepAI, our AI-based question generator:
  • This tool used natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to automatically generate high-quality questions based on a given topic or content.
  • The question generator also helped the university implement outcome-based learning in it’s curriculum by generating assessments based on Bloom’s Taxonomy Hierarchy Levels. It allowed them to effectively evaluate the student’s growth and learning..

Business Impact

The University experienced numerous positive outcomes, thanks to the AI-based question paper generator solution.


It helped professors save 71% of their total time, as they no longer had to spend hours coming up with different types of questions on their own.


A more diverse and engaging question paper pattern led to about a 59% increase in students’ academic performance.


The ability to implement outcome-based learning allowed the university to effectively evaluate students’ growth with a 31% increase in the number of students meeting their learning goals.

Overall, PrepAI was a huge success across multiple departments in the university. This not only contributed to time and resource management but also ensured the continued growth of the organization as well as its students.

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