NYC’s leading STEM institute modernizes exams with AI-powered quizzes in its LMS


  • A top-tier educational institution based in New York City, offering offline and online courses in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects. 
  • Their curriculum includes advanced topics in computer science, engineering, mathematics, and other related fields, catering to students seeking high-domain knowledge of the subjects.
  • With a diverse strength of over 2400+ students from multiple disciplines, the institute also has a trained line of staff including teachers and professors.

Problem Statement

The institute to date relied on traditional examination methods, but with the growing age of technology and distance learning, they were looking for a one-stop solution to revamp their examination process. In the process, the major setbacks the management found were: 

The professors were highly trained in the subject but required more time to draft high-quality, diverse quizzes for various subjects and difficulty levels at once

They wanted to enhance their online learning platform with AI-generated quizzes in the first place to improve student engagement and learning outcomes.

The curriculum demanded more than just regular question sets to be shared with the students, they wanted to introduce and scale problem-solving questions, High order thinking quizzes in their syllabus.


The NYC-based institute reached out to us after seeing a promotional post for our lifetime deal. They spoke to our product head and manager, Abhishek, and decided to integrate PrepAI into their LMS for quizzes and online exams. In the process:
  • We recommended the implementation of PrepAI, an AI-based quiz generator, into their Learning Management System (LMS).
  • We chose our “Yearly Premium Plan”, which includes subject specialist questions, HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) questions, API access for internal teams, and a wide range of add-ons and difficulty levels to cater to their examination requirements.
  • Our team worked closely with the institute’s IT department to seamlessly incorporate PrepAI into their existing LMS, Learning Management Systems (considering the potential errors and a smooth integration process).

Business Impact

The University experienced numerous positive outcomes, thanks to the AI-based question paper generator solution.

Within the first month of implementation, student engagement was better, they thoroughly enjoyed the problem-solving approach to the questions included in the examinations.

The institute saved approx. 30 hours per week previously spent on creating questions papers/quizzes in multiple sets, leading to a 20% reduction in overall operational costs on resources.

Professors reported that PrepAI saved them time and effort, allowing them to focus more on teaching, creating modules, and student interaction.

The institute revamped its examination system to incorporate AI-generated quizzes, leading to a more comprehensive and efficient assessment process.

Going with the AI wave by integrating PrepAI into their LMS made the institution look tech-enabled and helped them grab more attention from admission seekers as well.

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