How PrepAI Revolutionized the Assessment Strategy and Course Engagement for a Massive Open Online Courses Provider


A leading provider of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) across multiple subject areas.

Problem Statement

The organization aimed to enhance the learning experience and improve student outcomes by implementing effective assessments. They required a scalable solution that seamlessly integrated with their existing systems to gauge student comprehension and track progress.


The MOOCs provider incorporated PrepAI, our AI-powered assessment generation platform designed for educational institutions and e-learning platforms. The option to customize and the auto-grading capabilities made it ideal for the client.
  • Integration: The stakeholders collaborated with our implementation team to understand export and integration options. AIKEN export option was opted out of the multiple options for seamless integration with their existing infrastructure.
  • Assessment Creation: PrepAI’s intuitive interface was leveraged to create tailored assessments for each module. They incorporated various question types to cater to different learning preferences and assess diverse cognitive skills.
  • Automated Grading: PrepAI’s advanced AI algorithms enabled automatic grading of assessments, providing instant feedback to students. This saved time for course creators and ensured consistent and unbiased evaluation.
  • Certification: Our client utilized PrepAI’s feature for creating a comprehensive final assessment, offering certifications to students upon successful completion of the course.

Business Impact

The introduction of PrepAI, our AI-powered exam generator, yielded multiple benefits for the MOOCs provider:

Enhanced Learning Experience

Assessments at the end of each module increased student engagement and comprehension. Students reinforced their knowledge, identified areas for improvement, and gained a better understanding of their progress.

Improved Student Outcomes

Assessments led to a remarkable improvement in students’ performance and knowledge retention. Instant feedback allowed students to address weaknesses promptly, leading to better overall learning outcomes.

Word-of-Mouth Publicity

Satisfied students shared their positive experiences, contributing to the growth of the learning platform’s student base. The assessment system helped establish its reputation as a provider of quality education.

Increased Sales and Traction

Assessments generated via PrepAI acted as a significant differentiator for the platform’s courses. The improved learning experience and added value of certifications attracted a larger audience, resulting in increased course sales and revenue.

Notable Metrics

Our client experienced a 31.79% increase in course completion rates and a 47.53% rise in student satisfaction scores. The introduction of certifications led to a 29% increase in course enrollments.

In conclusion, by leveraging PrepAI as their assessment generation tool, the MOOCs provider successfully transformed their assessment strategy, resulting in an enhanced learning experience, improved student outcomes, increased sales, and positive word-of-mouth publicity.

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