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Bloom's Taxonomy update is live! Try it now ↗

How to Use ChatGPT and PrepAI to Create Question Papers?

How to Use ChatGPT and PrepAI to Create Question Papers?
You can automate the process of question paper creation using AI tools like PrepAI. Combine it with ChatGPT to collect input data and automatically design assessments in a few minutes. Here’s how you can use these artificial intelligence platforms to create quality tests, quizzes, and question papers. 

Artificial intelligence has become an integral part of our daily lives. From voice assistants to social media algorithms that decide which posts we like to see, AI is everywhere around us. The EdTech industry has been growing in recent times. The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic has sped up the adoption of technology in the education sector.

According to Research and Markets, currently, the EdTech global market is worth $340 million and will touch $605 million by 2027. The corporate EdTech industry is predicted to reach $44.6 billion by 2028. With schools and educators adopting new technology to make classrooms more inclusive and student-centric, it’s no surprise that augmented reality (AR) in the EdTech market is worth $5.3 billion. 

Edtech global market

In such instances, the latest internet sensation, ChatGPT, can be a great addition to the education industry. Though we know that the developers are still fine-tuning the algorithm to minimize errors, ChatGPT is already proving itself to be a worthy contender for search engines. In this blog, we’ll look at how ChatGPT can be paired with PrepAI to create a question paper on any topic. Let’s see the advantages of using two popular artificial intelligence tools in the education industry. 

What is ChatGPT? 

ChatGPT is an AI model developed by OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research, and development company. The AI model has a chat format where the user asks a question, and the algorithm will respond with a relevant answer. It has been developed using reinforcement learning (RL), where the algorithm trains itself based on the feedback provided by the users. ChatGPT responds and converses with users, rejects questions that aren’t appropriate, and admits mistakes when a user points out an issue. 

The AI model can handle just about any topic, from debugging a code to sharing information about rainforests or explaining how a nuclear reactor works. Since the model is still young, the tool is not 100% accurate It prompts users to give feedback and helps them make the algorithm as flawless as possible. 

How to Use ChatGPT to Generate Content? 

So, how does ChatGPT help students or teachers? It provides data in a conversational format. The data can be copied and used to generate question papers for tests and quizzes. You can collect a varied range of information by asking different questions. 

Instead of using search engines to search for relevant links and reading pages of data to pick what you want, you can directly ask ChatGPT to gather the required information for you. The AI model does the hard work on your behalf. 

Follow the below steps to use ChatGPT to collect information about a topic: 

Sign Up and Get Started

Go to and create a new account to log in. Those with a registered account can log in directly.

This is a one-time process. Once done, your account will look like this when you log in to ChatGPT.


Ask Questions 

After you log in, start asking questions about the topic. Check the below images to see how you can get more information by asking different types of questions for the same topic. 


This little bit of information is not enough to create a test paper, so you ask for more. 

ChatGPT and PrepAI for question generation

What if it doesn’t provide some basic details you need? You ask again. 

ChatGPT for question generation

Suppose you notice that a vital piece of information is still missing. You specify what you are looking for. 

ChatGPT for question generation

Examples are always helpful and can be used to create interesting questions in assessments. 

ChatGPT and PrepAI for question generation

And, finally, something to lighten up the mood and make you laugh. 

ChatGPT ai tool

You can continue asking questions in different ways until you gather all the information you need. Copy the data by clicking on the topic title visible in the left panel. 

With millions of people eager to use ChatGPT, the platform is being overloaded beyond its capacity. However, it shares interesting messages with users, asking them to be patient and try again in a while. 

ChatGPT ai tool

How to Use PrepAI to Generate Question Papers 

Now that you know how to gather information using ChatGPT, it’s time to convert the data into a quality question paper. This is done using PrepAI, an NLP-based question generation solution. 

PrepAI is an advanced AI-based question generator developed by DataToBiz. DataToBiz is a data science and artificial intelligence solution provider for MSMEs and large enterprises. The company has developed AI platforms like PrepAI, HireLakeAI, SensiblyAI, Virtual Try On Platform, etc. 

Many schools, training centers, educators, and corporate trainers use PrepAI to automatically generate question papers, assessments, and quizzes. The AI tool converts input data into questions that can be edited and customized before you finalize the test paper. It has been recently updated with Bloom’s Taxonomy algorithm. Let’s learn how to use PrepAI online assessment maker. 

ChatGPT and PrepAI to Create Question Papers

Sign Up 

Similar to ChatGPT, you need to create an account and login on to the PrepAI website to access the tool. The registration and the basic version of the question generator are free.

PrepAI Question generator

Provide Input Data 

The PrepAI dashboard is user-friendly and easy to use. Click on the ‘generate question paper’ option to create assessments. You can provide the input data in four ways: 

  • Use the built-in search engine to enter the topic and gather data from PrepAI’s database.
  • Upload MS Word (Docx) file or PDF. 
  • Upload a video or share the URL to a YouTube video (it converts video content to text).
  • Copy-paste or type the necessary input data. 

Choose this final option to enter the data gathered by ChatGPT. Paste the content and proceed. 

ChatGPT and PrepAI for question generation

Generate Question Paper 

Click on the ‘generate questions’ button to create the assessment. 

ChatGPT and PrepAI for question generation

The content will be converted into different questions. PrepAI creates questions of the following types: 

  • Multiple Choice Questions (with an option to choose the difficulty level)
  • Fillups 
  • True/ False 
  • Descriptive Questions 

You can edit the question paper by adding or deleting the questions. You can change the question or the options (for MCQs). 

ChatGPT and PrepAI for question generation
ChatGPT and PrepAI for question generation

Customize the Question Paper

Each question comes with options like ‘edit question’, ‘rate it’, and ‘is it required’ to decide if you want to rephrase the question or delete it. You can give feedback by rating the questions for quality and relevance. This will help improve the algorithm to generate better question papers. 

ChatGPT and PrepAI for question generation

There’s an option called ‘add question’ to include more questions to the test paper. Use this option to enter questions of your own. 

ChatGPT and PrepAI for question generation

Export Output 

You can preview and finalize the assessment paper before exporting it. Once you finalize the question paper, it will be saved in your account. You can access it anytime from your dashboard. The final assessment paper can be exported in three formats- PDF, MS Word, and MS Excel. 

ChatGPT and PrepAI for question generation

That’s it. You have successfully used two advanced artificial intelligence tools, ChatGPT and PrepAI, to create a question paper. Edtech employees, content heads, HR professionals, corporate trainers, curriculum creators, parents, and educators can use the AI tools anytime they want. Students follow this method for self-assessments at home.

Reasons to Use Artificial Intelligence Tools like ChatGPT and PrepAI

Artificial intelligence can help streamline learning and assessment methods in the education industry. From automating repetitive administrative tasks to creating a holistic classroom environment, AI has a varied role to play and several advantages to offer to educational institutions and learners. 

How to Use ChatGPT to Generate Content

Let’s find out how ChatGPT and PrepAI can be beneficial to students and educators. 

Easy Access to Data 

AI tools like ChatGPT make it easy to access and collect data from different locations. You can ask the tool to provide you with information that is not available to you. For example, many platforms require you to subscribe and pay to read their articles and journals. 

This can be solved by using ChatGPT as it will collect the relevant data and share it with you in its own words. Similarly, you can use the built-in search engine in PrepAI to collect information for a topic instead of searching for it on your own. 

Automated Process

Automation is one of the biggest advantages of using AI tools. While ChatGPT automates data collection for any topic, PrepAI automates the creation of a question paper. Traditionally, you have to read textbooks, notes, and websites to mark the required information and create questions from the content. This can take a few hours or days, depending on the volume of the content and the complexity of the assessment paper. However, by using artificial intelligence tools, your job is effectively minimized. The rest is handled by the machines. 


AI tools save time and effort through automation. It speeds up the manual process and completes repetitive tasks quickly. Teachers can conduct tests at any time by relying on question-generator tools like PrepAI. The combination of ChatGPT and PrepAI is perfect to create content and convert it into questions within a handful of minutes. This is also stress-free and effortless compared to manually doing everything. 


ChatGPT is free to use. We don’t know if the developers will include price plans someday, though it seems unlikely. You won’t be spending a penny to use the AI tool to gather information, write posts, etc. 

PrepAI offers both free and subscription-based services. The developers have carefully planned the pricing model to ensure that PrepAI will be affordable for as many users as possible. Compared to traditional methods, using AI tools will be cost-effective and pocket-friendly in the long term. 


Ease of use is a prominent factor to consider when choosing AI tools. ChatGPT and PrepAI win in this aspect. The interfaces of both platforms are clean, structured, and user-friendly. You don’t need any additional training to use the tools. Most users can figure out the process on their own. 

Furthermore, you can ask PrepAI developers to provide a demo and help you with onboarding. The AI question generator can be integrated with third-party applications and LMS systems. 


Artificial intelligence is here to stay. The sooner schools and universities adopt EdTech tools to revamp their methods, the easier it will be for teachers and students to adjust to the new developments and customize learning processes. 

Make the most of AI tools like ChatGPT and PrepAI to simplify your workload, save time, and reduce stress. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our team to know more about PrepAI and its benefits in the educational sector.