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How to Create Question Paper from Informative Videos in 5 Simple Steps

How to Create Question Paper from Informative Videos

Back in the days when books were the only source of information, things looked different. Question papers were developed by senior educators who understood the nerves of the students and lacked in some aspects, unlike today’s psychometric tests. However, today, there are a ton of options to get help for your formal education. Thanks to YouTube, there are innumerable students who benefit from this platform and hence could not be ignored at all costs. 

However, over the years, question paper preparation has been more scientific than ever before. These question papers are easy to prepare with advanced, state-of-the-art tools and the sole dependency on classroom-based learning has taken a back seat. 

Further, on the contrary, the popularity of YouTube educational videos are an all-time high. What was expected to affect careers is now the second biggest search engine and is home to numerous educational videos. 

However, consider this situation: is it possible to create a question paper from informative YouTube videos? The short answer to this is yes! With tools like PrepAI, one can prepare endless question papers from numerous sources. These question papers highlight the retention capabilities of the students while exposing them to new frontiers of learning.   

Benefits of Using Videos for Online Education

Modern-day problems require modern-day solutions. For instance, while the pandemic was at its peak, the entire education system moved online – a feat that is remarkable in itself. In this following movement, YouTube played a crucial role. The following scenario also brought a change in the mindset of many parents’ minds as they continue to explore YouTube as an educational hub. Here are some of the benefits of using YouTube for online education. 

Lowers Online Education Costs

Creating educational videos is not rocket science. Today, all one needs is a smartphone with a decent camera and good-to-go rudimentary video editing skills. That’s it! And you are good to go. Once you have created a content bank, you can begin your journey on YouTube. Your videos can reach any corner of the world and teach without restrictions. Further, videos uploaded on your channel can be easily integrated with different mediums, allowing you to earn for your content. A perfect win-win. 

YouTube Creates a Rich Learning Ecosystem

Most institutes can include educational YouTube videos in their systems. However, if it is not possible for some reason, one can always share links to the videos to aid visual learning experiences. 

Most students love to watch videos on YouTube to find relevant educational videos that help them to understand complex concepts. This not only helps with complex topics seamlessly but also helps them improve their hearing and pronunciation skills. 

On the other hand, educators can focus on students’ learning abilities instead of spending more time explaining complex concepts and topics. 

Smartphones and Micro-learning

Since YouTube supports both long and short videos, there is something for everyone. With videos of 10-15 minutes, students with shorter attention spans learn something new every time they access your channel. On the other hand, with the rapid penetration of smartphones and cheap data rates, everyone gets a fair opportunity to learn and grow. 

How to Create Question Paper from Informative Videos?

As we dive deep into the world of YouTube, it becomes essentially important to consider what works and what does not. Here is how you go ahead with YouTube with PrepAI, a leading tool in the space.

Step 1: Create a Free PrepAI Account

Now that you have decided to test the water with YouTube for question paper preparation, it is time to register with PrepAI. The website hosts a ton of services that can be used in one way or another. We can assure you, unlike others, it won’t be a disappointment.  

To begin with, visit the PrepAI website and click the “Sign Up” button on the homepage. Next enter the necessary details such as your name, contact number, email, etc. 

Create a Free PrepAI Account
Create a Free PrepAI Account

Once you enter the details and click on “Create Account.” You will get a verification email with a code within seconds. 

You’ll get an email similar to the screenshot below:

Sample E-mail
Sample E-mail

Copy and enter the code you receive in your email in the space provided and click on “verify account”. Almost instantly, you’ll be taken to the PrepAI dashboard screen.

PrepAI dashboard screen
PrepAI dashboard screen

Step 2: Choose the Content Source and Enter the Information

Once you are done with the registration process, the real task starts here. 

Firstly, give your project a title and select the content source. Now, selecting a content source is important as this is what the AI will use to generate questions and answers. 

Additionally, you can opt for “Topic Search”, wherein you can search for the topic. 

On the other hand, one can either “Type or Paste Text” or upload a PDF/DOCX for something more detailed and specific. 

However, for the current scenario, we have to opt for “Video”. You can either paste a YouTube video link or upload a video file. However, the feature is available only to Premium users.

Choose the Content Source and Enter the Information
Choose the Content Source and Enter the Information

Step 3: Generate Questions

Once you enter the required fields, click on the “Generate Questions” button and wait for some time. You will get all types of questions in this section. Generally, you will find MCQs, True/False, Fill-ups, and Descriptive on your screen. 

Generate Questions
Generate Questions

PrepAI generates a mixture of all sorts of questions. However, you can add more information if you want the tool to produce more questions. 

Step 4: Add More Questions or Edit the Existing

Once you have generated a list of questions, you can also prepare more questions or edit the existing ones.

Click the “+ Add Question” button to add more questions. Once you do, you can enter the question and the corresponding answer and click on “Add.”

Add More Questions or Edit the Existing
Add More Questions or Edit the Existing

And to edit the existing questions and answers, you can click on the “Edit Question” button located right below each answer. This way, you can fully customize your FAQs.

Step 5: Preview and Download the Question Paper

Satisfied with all the questions that you’ve generated? Good. Now, you can click the “Preview Question Paper” button to see how the question paper looks one last time before downloading it.

If everything seems fine, click the “Finalize Questions” button to download the questions. You can choose from different file formats such as DOCX, EXCEL, and PDF format for downloading the FAQs at your convenience.

Choose any format, click on download, and you’re done! You can now use the questions generated by PrepAI to improve the customer onboarding experience.

Please Note. Along with descriptive questions and answers, other types of questions/answers such as MCQs, True/False, and Fill/ups are also generated. You can use other questions to test how well your employees know about your product or service.

Preview and Download the Question Paper
Preview and Download the Question Paper

Why Go For Automated Question Paper Generation Tools?

When it comes to automated question paper generation tools from YouTube videos, PrepAI is your solution. Here is why automated question paper generation tools steal the limelight.

  • Easier to prepare; hassle-free experience
  • Tests and helps students retain better
  • Cost-effective for administrators
  • Aids visual learning
  • Saves Time

.. And on.


When it comes to preparing online assessments, there are a ton of factors that come into play. The flexibility, the collaboration, and the cost-effectiveness all around to better outcomes. Moreover, these mixed bags of questions could be incorporated from other sources, making it a go-to solution for colleges and universities across the globe.