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Fastest Way to Generate Questions From Any Text Content

Fastest Way to Generate Questions From Text! (Disclosed)

It is now easier than ever to create questions from any text content. All thanks to the growing interest of organizations in AI and its multifaceted capabilities.

We live in a world where there is always something new to learn, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our skills. With the rise of AI and machine learning, it’s becoming easier than ever to find the information you need. The only problem is, you still have to ask your question! And if you are looking for an actual way to generate questions quickly. Don’t go too far looking for it. Because your search ends here! And before we get to the how-to let us explore the profound facets of machine learning (ML).

You can get a machine learning platform to do just about anything for you provided you 

  • Specify the task well enough.
  • Provide enough training data.

In natural language processing, or NLP, answering questions is a very popular task, but question generation is not too widely explored. Some developers have tried to generate questions from topics or question templates, but we are unsure of this possibility.

As you can see, to make question generation possible for AI platforms, there needs to be a perfect balance of the above two criteria, which is almost impossible if we are talking about NLP or even machine learning in general!

The ML or AI technology has the potential to transform the less-explored territory of framing questions in a number of ways.

A few of those multifold possibilities are listed here for you

  • AI/ML-enabled question generation platform
  • Can be used for generating papers in any format within minutes.
  • 100% bias-free questions that are unique and match with what you want to check or test on your learners
  • Can be used to create questions based on any topic/content. There is no need for domain expertise or technical knowledge. All you have to do is upload your content
  • The generated question paper can be shared with peers, teachers, etc., You can download the document and share it across any channel or other modes of communication while maintaining its originality.
  • When you upload the content, it is automatically converted into questions using our Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform. This makes sure that all your generated papers are unique and unbiased.

Problems this technology solves. Not limited to teachers and students only

The emergence of this platform and the number of tech products in the offerings out there far outweigh what these solutions can actually deliver. Necessary validation would help you understand these products better.

We all agree that test generation is a time-consuming process requiring experts to create questions, review them, and correct errors. To add to that, the implementation issues are just overwhelming. 

This approach requires extensive resources and training to create unique questions. Moreover, it can take weeks or months to implement new tests.

Weakness of current test generation platforms: The existing test generation platforms are based on templates that do not provide any flexibility in question creation. They also lack advanced features like NLP (Natural Language Processing), ML (Machine Learning), etc., making the task very difficult for content experts who have no coding knowledge or experience. 

PrepAI was built as a solution to these challenges, allowing you to construct a high-quality exam question set in minutes using your content and our AI and ML expertise without ever writing a line of code! 

Simply upload your content from any source (e.g., Google Drive), and let our artificial intelligence engine do its magic for you! You can even customize the difficulty level and type of questions (MCQs, or Short Answers) according to your exam requirements while saving up 80% of the time it would take to create these tests manually without using any automation solution. 

As an all-hands down solution, our platform is designed to serve a diverse group of audiences including Edtech CXOs and decision-making teams, educators and trainers, instructional designers, content strategists at educational institutions. It is also well suited for training companies looking to train employees quickly on specific topics or software applications without much investment of time and effort. Our framework can also be adopted by hiring committees of organizations to frame relevant questions for prospective candidates they are seeking to hire for a specific position. The application and endorsement of our solution has a place in almost a number of business verticals.

Save time and money with our intuitive interface

PrepAI, the comprehensive AI-powered, end-to-end test generation platform helps you build and deliver high-quality tests. We take great pride in positioning our solution as a revolution for the EdTech industry. Our platform presents customized question generation from any topic or content you want and helps deliver bias-free tests.

At the outset, EdTech is transforming with new products and solutions being launched every day. And while we share a small piece of the pie, the value we bring far outway our benefits. Our platform generates the test questionnaires eliminating both the need for human intervention and cognitive bias. Not only does it save you time, but it also eliminates recurring operational costs. Its readily accessible nature also makes it fun to use.

As with any AI platform, human treatment is predominantly necessary. Teachers can not only feed it with PDFs but a whole textbook and wait for the platform to output relevant questions. And that’s the part our solution delivers better than most of our competitors. The generated questions only need a supervisory admission and bam, you have an army of questions ready to evaluate for tests way ahead of exams.

Of the many features of our platform, the one key aspect is its ability to store previous question papers so you can reuse them in the future. This questionnaire look-back assistance is a game-changer in many ways because it helps save so much time. If you are looking to generate questions from a similar topic, you don’t have to start from scratch.

A Note to all those seeking our platform to generate questions from text

We want to make the task of generating questions an easier task. With the continuous development, we at DataToBiz anticipate that many fascinating new features will be released for PrepAI in the next few months. We want you to know that we are here if you have questions and we are here for the long haul.

If you are new to our platform, we understand if you have questions about how to get started. And while our solution is host to a number of features and benefits, we invite you to get acquainted and be the judge of your own findings. We have created a step-by-step guide with a video demonstration that should give you a detailed walkthrough – Getting Started with PrepAI: A Beginner’s Guide

If we have indulged you let’s take a take quick dive at a few important takeaways

With PrepAI you will 

  • Never have to worry about spending hours or even days generating questions. It will serve you a major relief and help you focus on the more important tasks at hand
  • Generate questions that come with easy, medium and complex levels
  • Create unbiased questions and be relieved of all criticism that comes along with a human intervention
  • Reduce your operational costs
  • Most importantly, save a lot of time

What’s more empowering than understanding what to reply to and when? You couldn’t be more correct if you said that asking the appropriate questions in any given situation is the best way to go.

We take it upon ourselves to ensure that our platform, PrepAI, serves its purpose to the fullest extent. It is not just a claim we make. Try it yourself!