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Bloom's Taxonomy update is live! Try it now ↗

How to Create True or False Questions in a Jiffy!

How to create true or false questions

As the name suggests, a true or false question is a simple question that is either correct or not. This helps in determining the knowledge of a student at the rudimentary stage and saves the examiners’ from the hassle of long answers. The key, however,  lies in not making the questions too obvious. 

Most people breed the common misconception that true and false questions promote laziness and guesswork. However, most people miss that true and false questions promote valuable learning and measure the examinee’s confidence if done right. Interestingly, the Journal of Instruction Psychology confirms these facts. 

Further, the binary nature, ease, and quick response time of the True/False based solutions make it a valuable evaluation system. Accordingly, unlike other forms of questions like fill-in-the-blanks, paragraphs, or short essays, true and false can be used to judge recently taught lessons rapidly. This enables students to grasp a bite-sized micro-lesson, where the information is imparted and judged in small bursts. Additionally, it promotes interactivity and helps to retain better. 

How To Create True or False Questions 📄

Now that you understand the importance of True and False questions, it is essential to know certain tools to help you create papers. These tools ease the work exponentially and aid in making papers from a pre-built, vast knowledge bank. 

Here is how you go with PrepAI, a leading tool in the space. 

🔶 Step 1: Create a Free PrepAI Account

Visit the PrepAI website and click the “Sign Up” button on the homepage. Enter the necessary details such as your name, contact number, email, etc. 

Register on PrepAI

Once you enter the details and click on “Create Account.” You will get a verification email with a code within seconds. 

You’ll get an email similar to the screenshot below:

Verify account

Copy and enter the code you receive in your email in the space provided and click on “verify account”. Almost instantly, you’ll be taken to the PrepAI dashboard screen. 

PrepAI Dashboard

🔶 Step 2: Choose the Content Source and Enter the Information

Once you are done with the registration process, the real task starts here. 

Firstly, give your project a title and select the content source. Now, selecting a content source is important as this is what the AI will use to generate questions and answers. 

Additionally, you can opt for “Topic Search”, wherein you can search for the topic. However, the tool works best for generic topics and must be kept in mind. 

On the other hand, one can either “Type or Paste Text” or upload a PDF/DOCX for something more detailed and specific. 

There’s another section as well; “Video”. You can either paste a YouTube video link or upload a video file. However, the feature is available only to Premium users. 

Input Content on PrepAI

🔶 Step 3: Generate Questions

Once you enter the required fields, click on the “Generate Questions” button and wait for some time. You will get all types of questions in this section. Generally, you will find MCQs, True/False, Fill-ups, and Descriptive on your screen. 

However, as we create True/False, you must click on the True/False questions in the categories section. 

Generate Questions on PrepAI

PrepAI generated a few True/False questions as we entered limited questions. However, you can add more information if you want the tool to produce more True/False questions. 

🔶 Step 4: Add More Questions or Edit the Existing

Once you have generated a list of True/False, you can also add more questions or edit the existing ones. 

Add or Edit Questions on PrepAI

Click the “+ Add Question” button to add more questions. Once you do, you can enter the question and the corresponding answer and click on “Add.”

Add Questions on PrepAI

And to edit the existing questions and answers, you can click on the “Edit Question” button located right below each answer. This way, you can fully customize your FAQs.

🔶 Step 5: Preview the FAQs Download

Satisfied with all the questions that you’ve generated? Good. Now, you can click the “Preview Question Paper” button to see how the True/False question paper looks one last time before downloading.

If everything seems fine, click the “Finalize Questions” button to download the FAQs. You can choose from different file formats such as DOC, EXCEL, and PDF format for downloading the FAQs at your convenience. 

Download Question Paper on PrepAI

Choose any format, click on download, and you’re done. You can now use the True/False generated by PrepAI to improve the customer onboarding experience.

Please Note: Along with descriptive questions and answers, other types of questions/answers such as MCQs, True/False, and Fill/ups are also generated. You can use other questions to test how well your employees know about your product or service.

Why Go for Automated Question Generation Tools?

Automated question generation tools are welcomed both by the students and the administration. This reduces cost and administrative overheads, helps students identify their weaknesses, and aids them in learning through bursts of micro-learning assessments, helping institutions provide better educational solutions to their students. 

Here is a list of reasons why educators love our solution.

⭐️ Preference for Going Digital Over Manual: Today, students (irrespective of location) are more accustomed to digital solutions than their manual counterparts. This includes examinations. Online examinations during the pandemic allowed students to solve papers remotely while easing up a ton of work for the administration. 

⭐️ Quicker to Mark and Issue Results: When assessing online exams, the entire process could be automated, and students get to know their results within no time. The answers to True/False questions are already fed to the system while uploading the questions; hence, the work decreases exponentially. 

⭐️ Better Insights to Assessments: Previously, even online exams were limited to scores. However, with modern computerized aptitude tests and similar other solutions in place, it has become easier for schools and parents to understand their students better and even decide on a better career path that goes well with their personality. 

⭐️ Increased Security: Another lesser talked advantage of online assessments is that the solutions, the grades and the assessments are now much more secure than ever before. These components are stored in remote servers and are only accessible to desired personnel, a feature that is hard to achieve with offline solutions. 

⭐️ Flexibility for Candidates with Disabilities: With online examinations in place, candidates with physical deformities get adequate help completing exams. The screens could be well lit or dark while the time limit for candidates could be increased, thus allowing them to attend exams as per their needs. 

What’s in it for Administrators? 🤔

When creating online questions, teachers benefit as much as the students. Here are some of the benefits of generating questions through automation for the administrators:

Collaborative Question Authoring: Preparing question papers has always been a hassle without a collaborative environment. With online question banks in place, teachers can now pitch in their questions and, through a collaborative environment, prepare question papers that genuinely measure the students’ caliber. 

Automated Test Assembly Tools: Once you have created a knowledge bank, exam papers can be easily crafted by selecting questions or using automated tools. Moreover, these solutions can efficiently test students’ knowledge and enhance their learning graph. This mix of test tools enhances inductive logical thinking and improves student learning. 

Cost-Effectiveness: When it comes to offline question paper generation or conducting offline exams, many things come into the equation. This involves hiring a test hall, supplying or hiring invigilators, printing exam papers, scanning and correcting solutions, staff overheads and whatnot! However, these costs could be decreased exponentially with the help of online assessments and hence could not be ignored at any cost. 

Conclusion 🏁

When it comes to preparing online assessments, there are a ton of factors that come into play. The flexibility, the collaboration and the cost-effectiveness all around to better outcomes. Moreover, these mixed bags of questions could be incorporated from other sources, making it a go-to solution for colleges and universities across the globe.