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9 Ways to Use PrepAI and Propel Your Education Business

9 Applications of PrepAI to Propel Your Education Business

PrepAI is an NLP-based question generator solution that assists teachers and educators in creating and conducting tests online in no time. With its latest self-assessment feature, PrepAI let students take practice or mock tests on the platform itself. The blog talks about the various advantages educational businesses can gain by investing in AI software to improve students’ and teachers’ experiences.

Artificial intelligence is making considerable headway in the Edtech sector. The changing times have led to faster adoption of AI-based solutions and applications by schools, colleges, universities, and educational institutions.

Are you still wondering how to propel your education business?

According to Global Market Insights Inc, AI in the education industry will reach $20 billion by 2027. There has been rapid adoption of tools based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing during the last few years. AI will be adopted more as a Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) by educational businesses.

AI can be used in numerous ways in educational institutions (for teaching and administrative purposes). However, our focus is on the NLP-based automatic question generation platform to create smart and effective test papers for assessments.

PrepAI is among the major AI-based question generators used in the industry. Various educational institutions, irrespective of their business volume, rely on this solution to provide a hassle-free option for teachers to conduct assessments.

What is PrepAI?

PrepAI is a question generation platform developed using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. It generates questions for the entered input and helps create a test paper with different questions and options.

It can be used for an array of courses, topics, subjects, and classes. Educational institutions use PrepAI to help teachers and trainers create assessments in quick time.

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How it Works 

The AI question generator platform has a simple yet highly effective working process. In a handful of steps, educators can design, customize, and complete the test paper to assess students. 

The first step involves logging into the PrepAI account. Everything required to generate the test paper is found on the dashboard. 

The second step is to upload the content to PrepAI to create the test paper. The platform accepts several input formats such as Text, video, PDF, Word file, Youtube URL, etc as per for user’s convenience. You can custom-select the time or page range in video and PDF inputs respectively.

The third step is the easiest of all. Click on the ‘generate questions’ button. 

The fourth step is where the teacher chooses the generated questions (in varying formats). The level of the question paper can be 

  • Easy 
  • Medium 
  • Hard 

The final step is to preview the test paper to see that everything is as the teacher wants. If yes, save the test paper and get an output of the same. If not, the teacher can edit the test paper until they are fully satisfied with the final outcome.

After generating the question paper successfully, click on ‘Conduct Test’ in the top right corner of the PrepAI Dashboard. PrepAI Test Conduct Dashboard will appear with your generated question paper, assign a title, and set the expiry date and time of the test. Assign marks to each question, then click on ‘Finalize Test’and your question paper will be ready to share with multiple email ids.

This is how you may create and conduct tests with multiple candidates online

PrepAI is a comprehensive question generator designed for teachers, educational professionals, trainers, and others involved in the edtech industry.

Applications of PrepAI

The NLP question generation platform can be used to conduct surprise tests, student assessments, and more. Some teachers prefer to conduct tests after they finish teaching a topic. They like to know how much the students have understood the lessons. PrepAI is highly useful in such instances. The teacher can upload the text to the platform and automatically generate the test paper.

Instead of spending an hour or more on it, the test paper will be ready in a few minutes. The test can be immediately organized in the classroom or virtually. This gives the teachers more time to focus on the syllabus and the students than on the question paper.

Applications of PrepAI
Applications of PrepAI

Increase the Frequency of Tests 

PrepAI can be used anywhere and anytim18e. Teachers can create the question paper during the class or before starting the class. The pandemic has resulted in virtual and online classes for students. This has put restrictions on the test patterns, thus causing stress to students, teachers, and parents alike. 

The test paper generated by PrepAI reduces the stress on teachers as they can conduct smaller tests for individual topics. This also reduces the pressure on students as they can answer objective questions faster and with ease. 

Engage Students’ Attention

When students know that they have to give a test at the end of the chapter or the topic, they’ll pay more attention in the class. They will ask doubts, thus encouraging the teachers to share more information about the topic. Students will retain more information when they pay attention and attempt a test after the class.

Better Results 

Continuing from the previous point, students will score better marks when alert and active during class. The random question generator for teachers indirectly leads to an increase in students’ performance, much to the delight of the parents. Also, with the self-assessment feature, students may effortlessly take practice/mock tests to excel in the examinations.
It will overall improve the student’s performance and also lead them towards outcome-based education.

Know the Weak Spots 

Assessments are a great way to identify the strengths and weaknesses of students. How else will the educational professionals know if their students understood the lessons? 

One-to-one training has gained prominence in recent times. The faculty in Edtech establishments is expected to give equal attention to every student. But is it really possible with the kind of workload trainers have? 

Artificial intelligence can help reduce the load and easily identify the weak spots for the student/ trainee. The mistakes or errors in the answer paper can help point out the areas for improvement. When tests are conducted regularly, the educators will have a better insight into the student’s learning capability and the areas that need improvement.

Employee Training

Though our discussion has been around students, the same factors are applicable for employee training. Edtech companies need to ensure that their clients are happy with the services and training provided to their employees. Using PrepAI as an integral part of the training process will help streamline the training modules and develop efficient programs that will empower more employees and make them productive at work.

Attractive Question Paper

It’s rare to find a question paper that students would declare as attractive, isn’t it? PrepAI can help you achieve that. When teachers generate questions from the text, they can include different question formats in the test paper. The final paper can be a combination of fill-ups, MCQs (multiple choice questions), true/ false, descriptive questions, and so on. Making the test paper student-friendly is now possible using PrepAI. 

Ways in Which Prep AI Can Propel Your Education Business

Why Use PrepAI
Why Use PrepAI

1. Faster Question Paper Generation 

PrepAI has been developed for daily use in educational institutions and edtech companies. The question generator platform cuts down the time spent compiling and formatting the question paper for routine tests. Rather than going through pages of data and manually framing questions, the responsibility is given to the AI application. The trainer can generate the assessment sheet by the end of the day’s training session for employees to answer before they get to work. 

2. Multiple Input Formats

How do you enter data to PrepAI for it to generate the test paper? The platform offers not one but many ways to collect input information and mark questions from the provided data.

  • The educator can copy and paste the text directly into the text box (in the second step). 
  • PDF or MS Docs (Word) files can be uploaded to the platform. 
  • A Youtube video URL can be pasted in the link box. A video can also be directly uploaded to PrepAI (you can even drag and drop the video existing on the computer/ laptop).
  • Gather data straight by entering the topic and searching for content on the reputed site. You can edit the extracted data to match your requirements.

3. Support for Different Question Types  

PrepAI generates questions for the given input data many times. The platform creates-

  • Multiple Choice Questions (which are further classified as easy, medium, and hard)
  • Fill ups 
  • True or False 
  • Descriptive Questions 

The number of questions generated for each type is mentioned on the side panel. Clicking on the question type will take you to the section where the questions are listed.

4. Enhanced User Experience 

The PrepAI interface is neat and free from clutter. Educators can easily understand how to use the platform without any assistance. There are no complex operations/ navigations to generate the question paper. There’s no coding involved. Moreover, the trainers can contact the support team of PrepAI to ask for assistance and get help in using the platform. This improves the user experience for education professionals, which will positively impact their students and trainees. Happy trainers deliver better results.

5. Reduce Errors

Multitasking and work pressure can lead to errors in question papers. The answer may be marked wrong in the master copy, or the question itself may have been wrong. Such errors can be eliminated using PrepAI. The question generation platform uses NLP to understand the input text and mark questions from it. The correct answers are highlighted and provided in the preview copy. This copy is saved in the ‘my question papers’ section of the account.

6. Flexibility and Ease of Use

Each question comes with rating options. You can rate the question and the answer (for MCQs). You can even edit the question and change the sentence structure. Use the more options buttons to customize the question. 

What if you don’t want that question? There’s an option to remove it. PrepAI will ask for feedback when a question is removed so that the ML algorithm can learn from it and generate high-quality results the next time. 

Scroll through the provided questions and pick the ones you want to include in the test form. Once you have the questions, click on the preview option to see the final question paper. 

7. Cost-Effective Solution

PrepAI is a subscription-based platform with a price plan for every business/ institution. There’s a free plan with limited features in case you want to get an idea of how it works.   

Top-up pricing is available to add more runs to your monthly plan and is available for all three paid plans. 

PrepAI provides custom pricing solutions for edtech companies, schools, colleges, universities, and educational institutions. If the existing plans don’t suit your requirements, get them to create one exclusively for your specifications. 

8. Customization

Customization is one of the most in-demand features for any AI-based solution. PrepAI is an advanced question generator that allows educators to add additional questions from their side and edit the NLP-generated questions to suit the test’s requirements. Add different options to MCQs or change the order of the questions.

Apart from the already provided difficulty levels, teachers can further simplify the test paper or make it even harder for students. PrepAI offers a balance between automation and customization so that it saves time and energy without taking control away from educational professionals.

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9. Resource Optimization

The automatic question generation helps optimize the use of various resources in the institution. Since PrepAI can read and collect data from videos and Wikipedia, there’s no need to convert/ copy the same information to another format or file. It takes up the task of collecting information and processing it, thereby reducing the use of resources by more than half. This will lead to an overall reduction in the cost of day-to-day operations without compromising on the quality of output. 

Final Words 

PrepAI has been developed by DataToBiz, one of the leading AI/ ML solution providers in the market. The AI-based question generator is being used by various educational institutions, edtech companies, and coaching centers. The platform is effective in creating assessments for competitive examinations as well as employee training in different industries.

PrepAI reduces the workload on educators and makes them more productive. It inspires students and trainees to be more focused on the sessions and improves their efficiency.