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Interview Question Banks: What They Are and How to Use Them

Interview Question Banks

Recruiting is a complex process requiring different techniques to attract and hire qualified candidates. One of the most common methods of attracting candidates for interviews is using question banks for recruitment. During the interview, question banks get used to test a candidate’s knowledge of topics they have studied during their educational and professional careers. Most top companies and vacancies have their own unique question banks to test their candidates in their best interest. This article intends to share tips on how to create an effective interview question bank. The process is simple and quick so anyone can follow it even if they don’t have any experience with question banks or interviews.

What Is an Interview Question Bank?

An interview bank is a collection of questions that recruiters and HR can keep handy to avoid repeating questions during interviews. 

In the interview process, it is crucial to ask the right questions. However, showing up with the right questions before or during the interview process takes up a lot of time and can be ineffective. 

With a predefined list of question banks available before the interview, interviewers can select relevant questions regarding the job post and the skills required for the same position.

How Does a Question Bank Work?

The purpose of an interview question bank is to provide the interviewer with behavioral, competency, and situational interview questions.

While generating a question bank, you have to select a type of question you want to add and then select the question difficulty accordingly.

The first step of generating a question bank is choosing the topic and developing and adding all the questions you want to ask the interviewee. Lastly, add them to the question bank. 

There are various ways to create a question bank. 

  • The first and traditional way to create a question bank is to get a blank paper and write down each question regarding the interview topic or open an online text editor such as Google Docs and write down each question with the expected answer.
  • The free question generator tool is another method for generating subject-oriented interview questions. Few platforms such as PrepAI provide these types of tools, so using this you can save a lot of time when you have to generate dozens of questions for the question bank. 

Such platforms help you generate a question bank and allow you to include as many questions as desired regarding the interview topic. You must select how many questions you want to add to the question bank. 

Benefits Of Creating a Question Bank

An Interview question plays a vital role in the hiring process. Not only interviewers, but other people from organizations also benefit from it. Following are some of the benefits that one organization receives from a question bank.

For Interviewers

During an interview, an interviewee can make decisions about a company based on their experience with the candidate. HR can improve the interview process by using a pre-generated interview question bank.

Pre-generated questions are brief, up-to-date, and specific. Thus, the interviewee can demonstrate their skills more effectively as they feel more relaxed and confident. It will also help reduce interview time and make it an easy-to-go experience for the candidate.

The less stress you have, the better you can decide about a candidate’s suitability. The interview is the process where the recruiter analyzes the candidate and vice versa. 

A company’s interview experience could be crucial when top talented candidates have offers from other companies. 

For HRs 

HR identifies talent among all applied candidates and shares the best candidates with the hiring manager (resumes, social profiles). 

In this way, they can decide which candidates to interview. Then, HR conducts the primary screening process to ensure that the candidate meets all skill and education requirements.  

While performing this, HR needs a list of basic questions regarding the job post. That’s where interview question banks come into play. 

A pre-generated question bank with a job-oriented question helps HR find the best candidates. As soon as the most qualified candidates get identified, HR and the hiring manager or supervisor can conduct interviews with them. 

Decision Makers

A pre-generated question bank can provide question consistency in an interview. In other words, HR cannot run out of questions while taking the interview. 

Using the question bank, you can ask the same question to each candidate and select the best-suited candidate for the job based on their answers. Those answers will help you make the right decision and filter for the best candidate among the candidate list. 

It is better to analyze and compare answers one by one instead of memorizing and trying to piece together different interview elements. As a result, you can improve your decision-making confidence significantly.

Additionally, it is possible to identify which questions are most effective for decision-making and to change the interview process in the future based on this analysis and comparison.

For organizations 

According to research, employee turnover costs businesses trillions of dollars every year. 

A poorly designed interviewing and hiring process is one of the main reasons employees leave in large numbers.

A question bank enhances interview quality, resulting in a better hiring process. The company can reduce costs and increase profits by improving the hiring process and interviewing quality.

How To Create An Interview Question Bank using PrepAI?

In the market, the PrepAI platform has the largest variety of features and is the best AI-powered question paper generator

Following is the step-by-step guide to creating an interactive Interview Question Bank within a few clicks.

#Step 1

Head toward PrepAI website and Login into your account. (If you don’t have an account, then no worries you can simply register by clicking here).

Upon logging in, you will see a dashboard similar to the one below.

PrepAI dashboard after logging in

#Step 2

Here you have to input some information. Information includes Title for Question Paper/Bank and Content Source. 

The best thing about this PrepAI platform is that you can input information into any format. It can be text-based, or video-based or you can simply copy-paste the text into the input box. 

The system uses an AI model to function so you can perform topic searches also in case you don’t have any type of information. The topic search feature searches for relevant information for a given topic.

For instance, here we have entered SQL as topic search.

Add content on PrepAI

#Step 3

As mentioned in the above step, we have added SQL for topic search and the AI model has generated relevant text regarding SQL. Here you can modify the text according to your need.

Once you are done with the modification, simply click on the Generate Questions button.

Click on Generate Questions button to generate questions and answers on PrepAI

#Step 4

After clicking on the Generate Questions button, the platform will create questions of various categories. Like MCQ questions, True False questions, and more. You can select among them and finalize the question bank.

Various types of questions generated using PrepAI

#Step 5

This platform also provides the Add question feature where you can add your own few relevant questions that are not present in the topic. You can do this by simply clicking on the Left side button.

Add or edit questions on PrepAI

#Step 6

Once you are done with question selection, you will head toward a new frame where you will get a preview of your question bank and you have to finalize the questions you want in that bank.

Preview Question Paper on PrepAI

#Step 7

That’s it. Once finalized, you can download it or share the question paper with candidates. The platform allows multiple file download options including Docx, pdf, and other popular formats. You have to choose what you are comfortable with.

Download Question Paper on PrepAI


Effective recruitment is the backbone of a company. It’s vital to get hiring right! If you create an interview question bank and use it in adverts, you have a reliable resource of effective questions which will help you ascertain what your candidate is like. 

If you don’t and stick with the usual “tell me about yourself” question, then you’ll never know whether or not the person will fit in

Creating an effective interview question bank need not be difficult. Following these seven steps will get you well on your way. Then, all that’s left is to determine how you will administer your questions.